Top 25 Hits

“Under The Boardwalk” WKTE 1090 September 2021 Top 25

1- Start It Up Rickey Godfrey

2- When We Are Tim Cashion

3- Sweet Charlie Brown Catalinas

4-Call Me Feature Attraction Band

5- Sweet Virginia Breeze Foz and Frazier

6- Treat Me Like The Dog I Am Gary Brown

7- Lake Booty Shake JB & The Get Down Browns

8- Buzzin’ and Swingin’ Jim Quick and Coastline

9- We’ll Cross That Bridge Dink Perry/Bo Shronce

10- Love Comes Knockin’ Sylvia Johns Ritchie/Doyle Wood

11- Love Never Felt So Good Paul Craver

12- Which Way To The Beach Bo Schronce

13- Just Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind Gary Lowder and Smokin Hot

14- Gonna Stop My Lookin’ Sylvia Johns Ritchie

15- Dancin’ On The Ocean Uptown Boys

16-Let Me Be The One Teri Gore

17-Carolina Moon Sylvia Johns Ritchie

18- Dancin’ Deb Browning

19- Old Habits Die Hard John G. Franklin

20- Your Eyes, My Heart, Our Soul Too Much Sylvia

21- Stranded The Catalinas

22- Roller Coaster Leah Palmer-Licht

23- Steal Away Cat 5 Band

24- Take It As You Find It James Hunter 6

25- Big Legged Woman Freddie King


Under The Boardwalk

Laying InThe Alley Big Joe and The Dynaflows