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WKTE provides the BEST sound in Beach, Oldies, Rock, Country, and Rhythm & Blues of the yesteryears
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Booth-Newsome Broadcasting, Inc.
Station Manager - Rodney Booth
117 WKTE Drive - King, N.C. 27021
PH: 336.983.3111
117 WKTE Drive
King, N.C. 27021
Station Manager - Rodney Booth
PH: 336.983.3111
WKTE provides ministry services by "Gospel Time", every Sunday
B/C 325 X 190
Rodney Booth - DJ
& Station Manager
Brad Wiggins - DJ
"The Wigout Show"
Pat Furr - Mgr
Sales & Promotions
Benny Huff - DJ
Uncle Benny
"Crusi'n the Streets"
Randy Thomas - DJ
"Under the Boardwalk" with Randy T
Dan Sykes - DJ
"Engineer Dan Show"

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Busta - DJ
"Busta's Funky Flashback Fridays"
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Live Events Coverage by WKTE 1090 AM Radio
***   Sunday August 17th - Crusin' The Streets Production Presents "Car Cruise & Live Music" Bring your Classic Cars and Chairs  ***   *** APA American Pool Players!!! Legends will soon have APA Pool Leagues! We are looking for pool players to sign up and/or teams to participate in the Leagues. Let us know if you are interested. - Call: (336) 983-5777 *** 
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